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Supervision and Appraisals

The aim of the training is to prepare employers, managers, and senior staff responsible for staff management, to understand fully the importance and relevance of supervision and appraisal.

Many staff feel that supervision and appraisals are yet more management tools that are  placed upon them, but that they achieve little, and are irrelevant to their day to day work.

This training will help to overcome some of the myths surrounding supervision and appraisals, and provide you with many ideas as to how the sessions should be structured. It will show that supervision and appraisals are totally relevant to staff management and career development. It will also help to place the supervision and appraisal system firmly in the sphere of financial reward and career progression.

By the end of the session participants should be able to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of how to make supervision and appraisal relevant to the work environment
  • An awareness of how to involve staff positively in the process
  • An understanding of how financial incentives can influence performance!
  • An awareness of the importance of structured meetings